Season Two of GROUNDS picks up after our professors have been teaching virtually. Things have changed dramatically for all of them. This season focuses on the tole that is taken on Black professors whose daily life of navigating racism is now aggravated by a global pandemic and a world more concerned with getting back to normal than the health and safety of anyone.

Season Two Episode One: Adjustment The professors meet in person for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Everything has changed. It’s the end of the Spring semester of lock down after teaching virtual classes. They meet in Khai’s back yard for a socially distant gathering.

Season Two Episode Two: Life Goes On? PJ and Marcus discover Mal’s secret. Omar continues to process the death of his father and sister. Khai gets disturbing news about one of his students. Kwasi begins to think about leaving.

Season Two Episode Three: The Cost of Doing Business After an adjunct professor is revealed as passing as Black, Kwasi begins to question his career path even more. Elijah has a conversation with Pres. James about the dangers of going back in person. PJ is left reeling over Mal’s secret and struggles with whether to tell Omar. Khai organizes a vigil for his student and Ivan makes plans to publish.

Season Two Episode Four: Breaking the Mold Ivan gets a rejection from the press. PJ throws herself into work and Omar. Elijah and James make a life affirming decision.

Season Two Episode Five: A New Life Elijah and James start makin plans. PJ and Elijah have a huge fight and Marcus talks PJ off the ledge.

Ivan decides to write a book of original poetry.

Season Two Episode Six: Familiarity Kwasi begins making is moves. Ivan gets a publisher for his book. PJ makes a big step toward moving on. 

Everyone gathers for the wedding.