Episode 10: A Family Affair Mal, PJ and the kids travel to her maternal grandparents house for break. Hilarity ensues.

Episode 9: Home Is Me Ivan and Kwasi navigate family and the beginning of the shut down while staying at home for break.

Episode 8: Silat Ur Rahim Khai goes back to California to visit his father, hoping to convince him to come live with him.

Episode 7: Lion in Winter After learning that his father is ill Elijah races back home to Georgia unsure of what he will find with the family that disowned him. Boyfriend tags along for moral support.

Episode 6: Academia is Black Kwasi has an unsettling run in with a colleague. Ivan and Eli receive their tenure review results. The boys get together at Khai’s house for a night of cigars and whiskey.

Episode 5: Black Love When Ivan becomes upset about an article published about the evils of interracial relationships, the group tells him that they would not marry white. He questions his relationship and his Blackness. Khai and Kwasi go out for a drink to talk about finding love in their current location.

Episode 4: Racism or Legacy When the town surrounding the University starts ramping up for a festival celebrating the slaveholders that owned the land on which the University now sits, Black students plan a protest. The Black Student Union asks P.J. and Khai to help and march with them. Kwasi has a visiting professor he’s trying to impress.

Episode 3: I Can’t.../ Fed Up When P.J. and Mal’s son has a run in with police, it sparks all kinds of reactions from the group of friends.

Episode 2: Misconceptions There are always things we think Black people are supposed to like. But do they? Where does the spectrum of Blackness begin and end? If the mainstream says its not Black, does that mean you’re not Black? It’s the misconceptions that can get us.

Episode 1 Part 2: We got you bruh? The group tries to figure out the best way to help Elijah through this crisis. Ivan and Elijah have a tense moment. Kwasi comes in with information for the administration. Is it enough to save the day and Elijah’s career?

Episode 1 Part 1: We got you bruh? Professor Wright is accused of trading grades for sex. How does this group navigate politics, stay true to themselves and protect one of their own without damaging themselves? Is being Black and protective of created community even possible?