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Instruction on monologues and scene work in order to get to the next level in their acting development. You will work on character construction, authentic representation, play analysis, thematic and theatrical research.


Choose a play to create a plan for. Over the course of 10 weeks, you will work on every aspect of the play, creating an understanding of how each aspect works in tandem. They will leave with a foundation for creating a show as well as a book for a play that can be referred to for years to come.

The Black Theatrical Voice

Over 6 weeks during Part One you will study two plays in the Black theatrical cannon. Through discussion and essay work you will compare and contrast writing styles, language, subject matter, character development and time period among other aspects, in order to gain a larger understanding of the Black voice and how it is presented in American theatre.


10 weeks of one hour of individual instruction learning foundation and improvisation.


Hands on as a production assistant during a show.


Classes ranging from Numerology to Tarot. You can go as deep as you wish to enhance your connection to your higher and inner self.

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