My Inner Muse

This weekend I surrounded myself with art. I have never been happier. I also surrounded myself with artists. Artists that look like me, and I have never been more energized.

queen-protea-kia-kelliebrewThere’s something about the energy that’s created in a room full of creators that is rejuvenating and soul stirring. I had conversations that I had been wanting to have for months. I laughed the kind of laughter you laugh when you know the person in front of you gets you on a way someone else wouldn’t. There is comfort, ease and exhilaration in that. And it made me wonder…why don’t I do this more often?

There’s always something going on. There’s always something to do. But how have I missed the need of communing with other artists? Every time I do it, I feel like I am finally understood for that moment in time. Every single time, I learn something, I think of something that could or should be done. Every time I filled up by it.

tumblr_nhdgkkPCVD1r25k9co1_500I suppose we all get busy. We all get overwhelmed by life. By the things that keep the heat and electricity on. This weekend I realized there is another light I need to feed. Another light I need to give energy and space to. My inner muse. She needs to have part of my time and consideration as well. She has needs and wants and things to say. And quite surprisingly, some of things don’t come up until she is in the space created by being with other artists.

I think I may have found a tribe that can do this for me. I am excited. I am hopeful. And my hope all of you find your tribe as well. I hope you have a group of people that ignite that spark within you to create, speak, sing in ways you may never have thought you could. Because just as we need to feed our bodies, we also need to feed our souls.African-Queen

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